gymnastics is a sport that is considered being very exciting for the audience and vary challenging for the coaches and sports teachers.  

Kinds of gymnastics 1: General Gymnastic This includes the basic exercises given to students for the development of speed,strength and agility. 2: Gymnastic with apparatus It’s a form of gymnastic, in which apparaticty exercises are performed. 3: Gymnastic without apparatus It’s a form of gymnastic, in which exercises are performed without the use apparatus. 4: Educational Gymnastic In this form of gymnastic planed activities performed by using mind to develop flexibility, speed, strength and coordination. 5: Forces gymnastic physical activities are performed keeping in mind the military needs. 6: Competitive Gymnastic. Compitative gymnastic is a part of the sports programs of school, colleges and other clubs/organizations. 7: Tumbling.    tumbling is one of the best all around activities or physical development is usually included as a…
Gym And FitnessA gymnasium, also known as a gym, Its totally relates to gymnastics, athletics, and gymnastic clubs or services .They are found in athletic and fitness centers,Its an activity and learning spaces in educational institutions.Its the sum of all the experiences which come to the individuals through movements.peoples knowing about gym and fitness in different institutes and are some pictures for the gym lovers.